Bond Calculator

The Bond Calculator Window allows users to calculate the value of Icelandic bonds for any given settlement date.  Bond calculator supports all bonds listed on the Icelandic Stock Exchange.

Step 1. 

The users start out by choosing the bond from the Symbol text box.  When a bond has been chosen the basic properties of the bond are populated.  If a closing price or last price is available for the bond the Clean price text box will be populated and used for the bond calculation.  Users can also choose to base the calculation on the Dirty price or a Yield.

Step 2. 

Press Calculate.  The Bond calculator will now populate the cash flow, Accrued interest, remaining principal, etc.

Supported calculations 



Yield to maturity

(YTM) in %

Dirty price

The Net Present Value of a bond

Quote price

Clean or dirty price, depending on the bond


Measures the sensitivity of the asset's price to interest rate movements, expressed  as a number of years

Accrued interest

The interest that has accumulated since the principal investment, or since the previous interest payment if there has been one already

Index adjustment

Current principle adjusted with current cpi or cti

Principle with interest

The sum of current principle, accrued interest and the Index adjustment


The difference between the Net Present Value and the sale price

Base point value

How much the value of the bond changes when the interest rate (yield) changes by one base point (0.01 percent).