KODIAK Oms Client

The Kodiak OMS User Guide is for KODIAK Oms users, sales traders, market makers, compliance officers.

The User Guide helps users to learn how to use common features in the system.

Newest version

Kodiak OMS 3.2

Release notes, detailed release notes can be found here.

  • Now Kodiak OMS supports Genium INET more information on the migration here.
  • New Market data controls
  • New look, you can now choose between a "Dark" or "Light" theme
  • Fund orders are now in separate controls and not in same controls as orders from the exchange
  • Customer now has MiFID II values for the Order Record Keeping obligation.
  • APA Trade Reports (Off exchange Trade Reports) are available upon request.
  • Trade Report are now with new trade types

Kodiak OMS Client

Kodiak OMS User Guide

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