Troubleshooting [En]

 Where can I find the Kodiak PRO installation?

The Kodiak PRO Click-Once installation can be found here -

 KODIAK Pro does not start - Problem with the workspace.

The KODIAK Pro - workspace is not working correctly. There seems to be a problem with the workspace.

You need to change the name of the workspace folder. Also send us your workspace to

C:\Users\[windows username]\AppData\Roaming\Kodiak\KodiakPro\Settings\Workspaces

 Where can I find the Kodiak PRO installation?

The Kodiak PRO Click-Once installation can be found here -

 Where is the Kodiak PRO client installed?

After each upgrade of KODIAK Pro a new address is created after C:\Users\[NAFN_NOTANDA]\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0

In KODIAK Pro 1.8 the address is - C:\Users\[NAFN_NOTANDA]\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\KZDRDBTJ.43Y\NDWTMKDJ.QQ5\kodi...exe_8e12b8a...

 Is it possible to manually install the RTD extensions?

The install is located here C:\Users\[USER-NAME]\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\LMLP3BB2.M96\TDATDOJA.EPL\kodi...exe_8e12b8...\Extensions

 I click install on your website but all I get is a lousy .XML file?

Our server settings are wrong. Sorry about that. You can get around this though by using Chrome or Firefox when installing. We would appreciate it if you contact us at if this happens. 

 When I log in I get the error 'There was an error authenticating'.

There is a possibility that your PC is not set for proxy authentication. If so you will need to set up proxy in Internet Explorer (or your favorite browser) to route traffic through proxy. Contact your IT department if need applies.

 Kodiak upgraded and the default workspace is now the current one. How do I get my old workspace back?

Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Kodiak\MarketData\Settings\Workspaces\
Windows 7:  C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Kodiak\MarketData\Settings\Workspaces\

The name of the workspace should now be default.xml, unless the name has been changed. 

To change back into the old workspace, you must import the workspace in 'Workspaces > Import'

 KODIAK Pro does not start - Client shell has stopped working

KODIAK Pro does not start and might display the following error message

Try renaming the Settings folder:

Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Kodiak\MarketData\Settings\
Windows 7:  C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Kodiak\MarketData\Settings\

After you have renamed the settings folder, start KODIAK Pro and import your old workspace (see directions above)

 Bonds Calculator is horrendously slow

KODIAK Pro can sometimes be a bit slow when fetching proxy settings. To bypass this tardiness you have to make sure the browser doesn't automatically detect your proxy settings.

Internet Explorer

Go to 'Internet options' in Internet Explorer and choose LAN Settings. 

In LAN settings, uncheck the 'Automatically detect settings' box.


Go to 'Settings' -> 'Show Advanced Settings' -> 'Change proxy settings'.

In LAN settings, uncheck the 'Automatically detect settings' box.

 KODIAK Pro does not connect to the DMA server

Right after starting Kodiak PRO you may see a yellow banner as follows:

If Kodiak PRO does not connect check the proxy settings using Internet Explorer.

Go to 'Internet Options', select the 'Connections' tab and then click on 'LAN Settings' button.

Several customers have these setting preconfigured, thus the only step needed is to tick the check mark for 'Use a proxy server for your LAN....'