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Financial statement data and analysis for Icelandic companies.

Yearly and quarterly financial statement data within 24 hours of release

We currently cover publicly traded companies on the main market of the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Icelandic market Iceland as well as the three major banks in Iceland, Landsbankinn, Arion banki and Íslandsbanki. The data comes from financial reports and is manually maintained by Kóði ehf.

Charting up certain parts of the income statement, balance sheet or cash flow

Using the tool you can se see any part of the statement in a chart where you can select whether you want to see a specific quarter of the year, all quarters or yearly data. By clicking on the chart next to a part of the statement you can draw the chart you want.

Key figures

In the Key figures tab you can examine charts that calculate important figures such as the P/E ratio, the EV/EBITDA ratio or the P/B ratio.